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Walk Around Ranch

Our Story

The WalkAround Ranch started as a hobby farm in Traverse City. Farmers Dave and Jackie started their venture with some chickens, which quickly led to bigger (and more!) farm animals. It wasn’t long before horses, a pony, mini donkeys and goats made their way into the mix. Ever interested in simpler, healthier ways of living while learning about all the benefits of goats’ milk and sharing that knowledge, they began experimenting with recipes for goat milk soap and lotion.  Today you can enjoy high quality goat milk soap and lotion from the WalkAround Ranch in a variety of scents and sizes, and you can enjoy them knowing that the goats who shared their milk are part of the family and living in the lap of luxury!

Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

Besides the awesome goat milk there are 7 different oils & butters in the soap. The lotion has 3 different oils & butters in it as well as skin friendly preservatives which are paraben, alcohol & formaldehyde free. We use pure essential oils and some fragrance oils in both the lotions and soaps.