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2018 Babies!

19th Jul 2018

 These 2 little cuties are Salt (boy) and Pepper (girl).  They were born on June 15th, 2018.  They are Mini-Nubians and super friendly. This is Darth Vader born on May 4th, 2018!  He is the smartest baby to date!  Super […]

2016 Goat Babies!!

5th May 2016

2016 Goat Babies are here!! Mini Nubians “Captain” and his brother “Morgan”.  These little guys are adorable with their helicopter ears! These 2 cuties are Coors and Bud, Nigerian Dwarf goats.  They were born on April 15th 2016. And these […]

Our Shop is now online!

15th Feb 2016

Our farm started about 6 years ago….we decided to get some chickens and ducks…(not knowing they are the gateway animal to the addition of many other animals that we have found ourselves loving every day since). I then got some peafowl. They are a beautiful bird with an interesting call but pretty and a lot of fun. One evening my husband Dave mentioned that it would be kind of nice to have a couple of goats. It just so happened that I looked at a couple 2 week old Nigerian Dwarf wethers (fixed boys) that day without my husband knowing! Read More