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Terrie A.

I have a skin condition that only your lotion has been able to heal. I have gone to a dermatologist before I tried your lotion and even the prescription that I was given did not touch the condition but your lotion did.

Becky P.

Hi! Over the summer we saw you at a farmers market in kalkaska and purchased some soap and lotion. The lotion is amazing for our 4 months old but we live near Grand Rapids. How can we go about getting some more??” Thank you!!

Amy B.

Your goats milk soap and lotion works wonders on my son’s eczema.

‎Debbie S.

So I was chopping jalapeños this morning, and without thinking I scratched my eyebrow and eyelid. About 5 minutes later my eye was on fire, and my first thought was your lotion 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that,that stuff is magic, thanks for making such a wonderful product, and give those goats a big old hug from me!!!


My entire family loves your soap! My husband, who doesn’t normally care about what kind of soap is in the shower, commented on how it really seems good for your skin. It even FEELS good on the skin and the fragrance is just right, not too weak or overpowering.

Samantha H.

These products are amazing – they are truly made with love and care from Jackie and the goats! I trust using their products on my newborn and cannot rave enough about how great their lotion is! If you have sensitive skin, this is your answer. Enjoy!

Samantha H.

Honey Goatmeal Soap

I was given a bar of your honey oatmeal soap for Christmas.. and love it! The bar soap has helped to calm down my daughter’s acne and eczema.
– Raquel M.

March 2019

I met you guys at the Traverse City Sip n Shop and your lotions are the only thing that actually helps my dry skin – excited to try the new scents!
– Melinda G.

December 2018

Dermatologist tested! Love your soaps and lotions! I give them to my patients!
– Dr. Brenda D

February 2019

I absolutely love these products! I have yet to try the lotion but I LOVE LOVE the soaps! I had received one for Christmas and let me tell you, complete life changer, my whole family uses it now! I use it on my face and haven’t had a break out since! Just received my two new soaps, Island Lilac which reminds me of spring, and Peppermint Vanilla, which I love Peppermint anything! I’m very excited to be supporting such a great little business right in our backyard! I cannot wait to try all the other scents! My favorite is eucalyptus spearmint.
– Kenzie N.

January 2018

I am a believer for the rest of my life. Being a type 2 diabetic my skin has become very sensitive to many products,. We found you at the farm market up north and my husband wanted to try your product. This is my third order from you and I can’t say enough about what your soaps have done for my complexion. My husband was being treated by the Dr. for an almost wart like condition on his back. He was using a medication that was very uncomfortable to the skin and also having these wart like growths burned. He started using the goat soap and you guessed it. These growths are greatly reduced in size and are actually disappearing. Thank you and bravo for making a successful product. P.S. Thank the goats too.
– Lynn B.

Carol – July 2019

I met you at the farmers market a couple weeks ago. I bought a few bars of soap and wow! I don’t ever want to use anything else! Your soap is by far the best I have ever used – I love the thick lather, the wonderful scents, and the way my skin feels after washing. I want to buy some for everyone I love. I also want to get your lotion. I think I’ll have to make a trip up there (I live in GR) because I can’t decide what scent to get and I need to sample. 🙂 Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products (and thank your goats for me too, please).

Ann – October 2019

I have stage 4 CKD so I try to use products which are free of chemicals. These soaps and lotions are a terrific find. The soap is not drying and so luxurious. I like the tub of lotion as you can use every drop. Thank you for making such a clean product. My go to is the pink grapefruit, a clean, refreshing, pick me up scent!