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WalkAround Ranch Goat Milk Lotion & Soap

Handcrafted in small batches by Jackie

 G.O.A.T or GOAT?  Our Products Are Both!

Handcrafted goat milk lotions & soaps

WalkAround Ranch is a hobby farm located in Traverse City Michigan.
Our simple vision

Is to create quality products from simple, clean, healthy ingredients, using local resources. Every product we make on the ranch starts with our own goats. We source other ingredients locally whenever possible. We are sure you will enjoy using our goat milk based products.  Thank you, Jackie.

“I have a skin condition that only your lotion has been able to heal. I have gone to a dermatologist before I tried your lotion and even the prescription that I was given did not touch the condition but your lotion did!”
Terry A.  ~  Michigan

Proudly Made In The USA Products


WalkAround Ranch is an all natural product company that believes natural products lead to healthier lives.

Our Products

Organic & Handcrafted In Small Batches

Our SOAPS are created using our own awesome goat milk and up to 7 different oils & butters. Our LOTIONS are a combination of our awesome goat milk and up to 3 different oils & butters, plus skin friendly preservatives which are paraben, alcohol & formaldehyde free. We use pure essential oils and some fragrance oils in both our lotions and our soaps.