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Our Ranch

The WalkAround Ranch


Our farm started in 2010….we decided to get some chickens and ducks…(not knowing they are the gateway animal to the addition of many other animals that we have found ourselves loving every day since). I then got some peafowl. They are a beautiful bird with an interesting call but pretty and a lot of fun.

One evening my husband Dave mentioned that it would be kind of nice to have a couple of goats. It just so happened that I looked at a couple 2 week old Nigerian Dwarf wethers (fixed boys) that day without my husband knowing! I kept my excitement to myself and told him that we didn’t need any more animals! 2 days later I had the boys in our living room when he got home! He had no idea! We love them to pieces and they were the start of our goat habit! 🙂

Nigerian Dwarf Wethers
Copper at WalkAround Ranch

My husband sub leased and boarded the beautiful mare (Copper) at Horse North Rescue located some 25 miles from us with our best friend, Alanna (she had always wanted to have a horse since early childhood, this was her dream horse and opportunity). After a year at the boarding facility, they thought, since we have 8 acres, why not fence in a portion of the back field and bring Copper home for weekend visits with no intention of having her here permanently. I wasn’t too crazy about the idea but, went along with it. We did this Thanksgiving in 2011. It was absolutely breathtaking to have this beautiful animal in our back yard. She was/is such a wonderful horse. After the first day of her being here I told my husband we needed to keep her here, this is where she belonged. Little did we know just where this was going, it surprised us the level of commitment we undertook from that point on and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since then we adopted 2 more rescue horses, 1 pony, 2 mini donkeys and 12 more goats. We went from a house dog and cat to now feeding over 40 different animals – birds, goats and equine – and giving them all the love and concern you would have for any pet, they are all our pets. We have learned many things along the way and have never looked back. We love the unconditional bonding (love) of the animals. Now we breed peacocks and goats for pets for others to enjoy and love. The milk from my goats is used in all my products. The PH in goats milk resembles human PH and combined with all natural ingredients it makes for a superior product.

Mini Donkeys

Our Animals