C. Waters

First time buyer of your lotions. I am truly please with your products. My hands are so dry and sensitive. Finally found a product that doesn’t irritate my hands. Love the scent, not too overpowering. Thank you !!! Wonderful products !!!!

Sheryl L.

I ordered the bundle deal with 8 oz lotion, 2 oz lotion and two soaps. I haven’t tried the soaps yet, but they small amazing. I got unscented lotion in both sizes and it is LOVELY! Rich and thick without being greasy. It might be one of the best lotions I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot. It doesn’t have any added fragrance, but it has a nice natural smell that I love. Highly recommend the lotion!

Kristina T.

Thank you for the note and the most amazing products! I used the Island lilac lotion, and it took me right back to my home in Washington State. I love the lilac season and miss it. Now all I have to do is use the lotions and soap😊 And it makes my skin sooo soft. You have a customer for life!
From a Dilley 300 member

Dave J

I love your lotion and soap! Its a great value and works so well. The soap is rich and luxurious and smells so, so good! The lotion is awesome for daily use and hydrates the skin immediately. No more dryness and the scent matches the soap very well, plus no greasy feel to the lotion! Thank you for such a great product and I will be a lifelong customer. The goats are so cute.

Stacy F.

I really love the lotions and soaps, the smell great and are non-greasy. My favorites are the Honey Goatmeal lotion and the Honey Oatmeal soap. And I think it’s so cool that the lotions and soaps are made from the goats milk right on the farm.

Alanna C.

I couldn’t love this soap and lotion more! I have shingles and psoriasis, plus extreme dry skin in winter, and get a lot of relief from Walkaround products. The lotions are thick and long lasting; and I love the soaps with natural exfoliants such as oatmeal and lavender. Excellent value and quality.


I bought some lotion for myself and soap for gifts last fall while I was visiting Sutton’s Bay. I use the lotion everyday and a little goes a long way! So I’m 4 months in and still have half a bottle to go (it’s at my desk just for my hands). I love the scent so much and am excited to buy more. You have a lifelong customer!

Windy Marie

I purchased a small bottle of lotion while I was visiting family in Michigan. I live in the desert that is Texas so my skin gets really dry. I’ve tried everything, including cold cream, which didn’t work because of the greasiness. But the goat milk lotion really works! It provides the moisture I need in specific areas and helps me to stay ahead of the problems really dry skin can cause in the south!

Ann Couturier

I have stage 4 CKD so I try to use products which are free of chemicals. These soaps and lotions are a terrific find. The soap is not drying and so luxurious. I like the tub of lotion as you can use every drop. Thank you for making such a clean product. My go to is the pink grapefruit, a clean, refreshing, pick me up scent!

Karen HEA

Always bought your soap when we’d visit a hotel in KALKASKA. When I couldn’t find it I contacted them for your info. Your soap has such a Wonderful, rich lather and it’s very soothing! I LOVE It!!!