Marna Klaft

I bought a few bars of there soap at a craft store, first time I don’t itch anymore. Absolutely wonderful soap and I got the scent summer in leelanau love it, it’s very soft scent. I highly recommend!

Luanne T.

I bought several bars of the Goat Milk Soap, “Summer in Leelanau” at a roadside farmers market while doing a Lake Michigan circle tour in September because I loved the scent. I’ve been placing in the powder room as guest soap . Recently I ran out of shampoo, and not wanting to use my commercial brand deodorant soap on my hair, I thought “what the heck” and went and got my Walk Around Ranch soap. Oh MY! I couldn’t believe the lather, and it rinsed clean. AND to top things off, I didn’t need conditioner. I couldn’t believe how easily I was able to comb my (long) hair and it smells wonderful! I shall be contacting you to order more when I run out. Love it! So glad we stopped at the farm’s market.


Best Lotion and Bar Soap I have ever used. I found WalkAround Ranch products at a market on my way to Torch Lake last summer. Amazing quality. This year we spoke briefly about possible WalkAround RanchT-shirts. I think they would be lucrative! If you put a location of origin on the shirts along with the logo, I would buy them for sure. Thanks again. Chris-


Awesome lotion. But my pump doesn’t work. (I got this lotion as a gift today, and lotion won’t come out of the pump.)

Linda Aukerman

Best soap ever!! Very creamy. Purchased at Sutton’s Bay Farmers Market. Will be ordering online when I’m out!

Kathy Brooker

My daughter bought a 2 oz lotion for me. Love it! Ordered some more lotions and soaps. Peppermint vanilla soap makes you feel good while it’s cold outside!! Scents are not overpowering either. I’m hooked


I have stage 4 CKD so I try to use products which are free of chemicals. These soaps and lotions are a terrific find. The soap is not drying and so luxurious. I like the tub of lotion as you can use every drop. Thank you for making such a clean product. My go to is the pink grapefruit, a clean, refreshing, pick me up scent!

Carol – Best Goat Milk Soap

I met you at the farmers market a couple weeks ago. I bought a few bars of soap and wow! I don’t ever want to use anything else! Your soap is by far the best I have ever used – I love the thick lather, the wonderful scents, and the way my skin feels after washing. I want to buy some for everyone I love. I also want to get your lotion. I think I’ll have to make a trip up there (I live in GR) because I can’t decide what scent to get and I need to sample. 🙂 Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products (and thank your goats for me too, please).

Lynn B – Diabetic Sensitive Skin

I am a believer for the rest of my life. Being a type 2 diabetic my skin has become very sensitive to many products,. We found you at the farm market up north and my husband wanted to try your product. This is my third order from you and I can’t say enough about what your soaps have done for my complexion. My husband was being treated by the Dr. for an almost wart like condition on his back. He was using a medication that was very uncomfortable to the skin and also having these wart like growths burned. He started using the goat soap and you guessed it. These growths are greatly reduced in size and are actually disappearing. Thank you and bravo for making a successful product. P.S. Thank the goats too.
– Lynn B.

Kenzie N Love Love The Soap

I absolutely love these products! I have yet to try the lotion but I LOVE LOVE the soaps! I had received one for Christmas and let me tell you, complete life changer, my whole family uses it now! I use it on my face and haven’t had a break out since! Just received my two new soaps, Island Lilac which reminds me of spring, and Peppermint Vanilla, which I love Peppermint anything! I’m very excited to be supporting such a great little business right in our backyard! I cannot wait to try all the other scents! My favorite is eucalyptus spearmint.
– Kenzie N.